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My gaming buddy, Tom, broke his leg. This had absolutely nothing to do with zombies. He survived the ordeal, and appears to have no more desire to eat brains now than he did before the accident. However, while he was on the mend, a friend of his, @shankylank on Instagram, drew this wonderfully true-to-life picture of him.

When I saw it, I saw an opportunity to cheer Tom up while creating for Karr-Keel the hero it deserves. After some organizing with my game group, I contacted Kev Adams, who sculpted a magnificent green, which was cast up by Dark Platypus. Later, each of us painted one, and gave them to Tom for the holidays.

Meet Tromm!!! He's half troll, half ogre, and combines all the best and worst traits of his heritage. On the night that Karr-Keel died, Tromm was sleeping off a cartload of barrels of beer and a broken leg in a cell kindly provided by the watch. Virtually immune to magic, Tromm made it through the curse, and, blessed with the regenerative capabilities of his mother and the enormous strength of his father, walked out of jail as hungry and thirsty as ever. Now, he wanders the ruins in little more than bandages and rags, eating, drinking, and taking whatever he wants. Occasionally, he meets adventurers seeking riches in the rotting husk of Karr-Keel, and joins them in a round of old fashioned looting... when he doesn't decide just to eat them too.


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