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Set Two Holiday Debut! Special Deals!

Set Two already? And wait... Upstream Games House produced a zombie Teamsters' Cart?

(Photos by Sarah Kirkell. To see more, click the photo above.)

Yes, it's true. Set Two is here. Twelve brand new zombie miniatures sculpted by Kev Adams to bring out your holiday cheer--Karr-Keel style. And, over the summer, we produced a Teamsters' Cart to help you bring out your dead.

(Photo by Richard Hale. Paint by Andrew Dyer. To see more, click the photo above.)

Set Two, the Teamsters' Cart, and Set One are all in stock and available now on the web-store.

And, for a limited time, we're running a holiday special. Until the end of December, orders up to $50 are 5% off (use code DEADCEMBER5), orders from $51 to $129 are 10% off (DEADCEMBER10), and orders of $130 or more are 15% off (DEADCEMBER15). Simply fill your cart, and type in the relevant coupon code. (Be careful, our software doesn't allow us to make sure you use the most advantageous coupon. Check before you click!).

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