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From Hobby to Game House

It's true. The Zombies of Karr-Keel started out as a vanity production of a series of miniatures for Brian's birthday. He told his friends about his fabulous birthday plans, and created a closed social group on Facebook so they could chat about it and see how things unfolded. (Who can forget how much his hands shook as he opened that first box of greens?) As things moved along and we worked with the people who do the magic things like sculpting the miniatures (Kev Adams) and spinning the metal into minis (Andy Barlow), we learned what it really took to create your very own line of mini metal zombies. And, we realized that small-scale artistic production of fun game pieces with open-ended use and potential was something we wanted take beyond one birthday present and a small handful of the walking dead.

For us, this is and always will be a personal project. The Zombies of Karr-Keel are a labor of love that have gone from stories on a page to minis on the table. We haven't even broken even yet. And, while we would like to do that eventually (read: soon), we will never be the Bud Light of the game industry. We're more interested in being the cool neighbor, two-doors-down, with the really good home-brew of game companies. We would like to feature and enjoy the work of the masters of the craft and revel in the enthusiasm and dedication of lifelong gamers who blend craft, artistry and hobby with pure enjoyment and enthusiasm.

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